Thursday 7 November 2019

A month of travelling ahead.

First stop – Doha. Again. I seem to be travelling through Doha a lot this year. But only for a couple of hours, before my second flight to Uganda.

Friday 8 November 2019

I slept for most of the 2 planes. The plane to Uganda was heading onto Rwanda – and only 3 of us got off in Uganda! We came into land over Lake Victoria – the largest in Africa.

Escorted to immigration and only a short wait – a huge 1 page sticker!

Entebbe airport is old. And very Africa. Crowds of people waiting outside. But not my pick up. After a few phone calls, it seems that he never came. So I just had to organise myself a taxi at the taxi stand. US$35 to get to Kampala.

It took about 90 minutes. Initially we made good progress – a brand new road, no traffic. Then we hit the city and the Friday afternoon 4pm traffic. And it was slow. People weaving in and out of the cars selling everything – fabrics, maps, books and worms! In the middle of the city was a Hindu temple. Did not expect that here!

Staying in the city, but in a jungle! With vervet monkeys running around in the trees.

I’m joining a group tour here – we met at 6pm. Then headed out for dinner. The menu was all Indian – there’s a lot of Indian people on Uganda (unexpected). So I had a vegetable curry!


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