Cabo San Lucas

An early morning to leave Mexico City and fly further West for a couple of hours, to Cabo.

Cabo has a reputation – of being full of Americans in bars – and it certainly was that. But avoiding the town itself, the ocean was great.

Diving at lands end – where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez

One dive – in the Pacific, cold, clear water. Schooling cow nose rays, guitar fish, sea lions playing

And a second dive, just a few hundred meters away, in the Sea of Cortez, still cold, but green water with no visibility

January is humpback whale season. And they were all around

Joined by huge pods of dolphins

And sealions who liked to perch on the back of boats, waiting for scraps.

And sometimes the scraps went to the birds instead

It was hard to find real good actual Mexican food. There was lots of millennial food, or really cheap (terrible) touristy Mexican food.

One mystery remained. Why (literally) every other shop was a pharmacy.


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