Socorro – San Benedicto

The real reason I was in Cabo – to go to Socorro!

Destination – Revillagigedo islands, 458km away from Cabo in the Pacific Ocean. A collection of four volcanic islands, comprising a protected UNESCO world heritage site. The largest island (Socorro island) has a naval base with around 40 people living there on a rotational basis. The rest, only birds.

And a 24 hour sail to get there.

Sailing day went by fast. A mixture of prepping dive gear, fire alarm drills, eating and sleeping.

At 5am the following day, we arrived to San Benedicto island. A large volcano.

And it was time to go diving!

Day 1 was at the Boiler. An underwater pinnacle.

It wasn’t as exciting as it was meant to be. There wasn’t much going on. Yes a few mantas, they were cool. But not much else

Day 2, we moved around the island to El Canyon. A shark cleaning station.

And all the sharks were out. Galapagos sharks. Silver tip sharks. And schools of hammerheads!


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