Bryce Canyon

A drive through rural America, from Zion towards Bryce Canyon. A collection of rusty cars, red hills and bison.

A new shape of rock – hoodoos! The largest collection in the world.

And a short afternoon hike beneath the towering pillars.

The next morning – out before the crowds, for a hike down into the valley. Through the Wall Street slot canyon and beneath the hoodoos.

And into the Queen’s Garden

And back up onto the rim, for views of Thor’s Hammer. One of the hoodoos – with a name

One of the best things about many US National Parks (aside from collecting stamps at the visitor centres), is that they contain driving tours. So when you’re tired from hiking, just drive to view points!

More hoodoos.

I made some friends at the motel

Being in a desert, nowhere near a town – gives way to a dark sky. So we went star gazing! (With terrible photos). And it was freeeezing.

Then we left Bryce Canyon and didn’t see another hoodoo anywhere else in Utah!


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