Before getting to Moab, our home for the next few days, we stopped off at Goblin Valley State Park

More orange rocks. But again, in a totally different formation – and this time in small mounds! Similar to Bryce Canyon, they are also called hoodoos here.

You park on the ridge, then walk down into the valley. Which is covered in the lumpy rock.

The hoodoos (goblins) are naturally formed, with sandstone being eroded underneath a harder layer of rock (which stays on top).

There were different zones to head to. But it was difficult to know where you were. Getting lost in the maze of paths between each of the goblins.

Once we finally got to Moab, the town was fun. Lots of touristy shops – rock shops (selling rocks and fossils), and an organic shop with loads of vegan things – plus icecream!


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