Already getting a sneak-peek from the road.

Canyonlands is a huge area and the largest national park in Utah. It is split up into four different zones – each separated by rivers/rocks. As we only had an afternoon, we were only visiting one of them – Island in the Sky.

By now, we were getting tired. We had been out hiking most days. And today was largely a driving tour, just getting out for short walks and view points!

The most famous spot here – the Mesa Arch

An amazing view, through the arch, to the surrounding snow-topped mountains, and swirling rocks.

Looking down, into the canyon, was amazing – a whole different world or rock swirls and pillars. And no concept of size or scale.

We stopped in a couple of different places for a walk, along the edge of the mesa. Looking out into the abyss.

(I’m not really sitting on the edge – theres more ground about 1m below!)


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