Monument Valley

A few hours south of Moab, at the border of Utah and Arizona, the land turns into Navajo nation.

This is a Native American reservation. And contains monument valley – a sacred place for the Navajo people.

The road up to the rocks was cool – they needed plenty of signs telling people not to stand in the middle of the road for photos….

Which I wasn’t. We didnt have time to stop – we were running late! So only photos out the front of the car!

At the time we visited, it wasn’t possible to self-drive around monument valley – you have to go by guided tour, led by a person from a Navajo tribe.

They drove us around, for a few hours. Between the rock buttes, to hidden caves and past small villages.

The ‘famous’ view point is just at the visitor centre! The two ‘mittens’

There were some recreations of traditional Navajo houses

But we also drove past some more modern versions!

Some of the view points have turned into small shops. Selling their local food – fry bread. A piece of flattened, fried dough.

Much like an unusually shaped donut

More rock view points

Rocks with holes.

We stopped at a few caves. Some had petroglyphs. And another served as an acoustic dome – where our guide played a traditional song!

After a few hours of driving around, we were back to our own car for a bit more driving! Leaving Utah and on to Arizona.


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