Page, our base for the next few days. A small town in northern Arizona.

First up, we joined the hundreds of other people headed to Horseshoe bend!

There is a wide path, which leads a few kilometres from the car park to the overlook point. Despite it being late in the day, there was a surprising constant stream of people in both directions. And the look out point was packed!

But the main attraction of the town, is now this crack in the rock!

Which once you walk into it, turns into a wonderland of shades of orange, flickering light and waterfalls of sand pouring down onto you.

Antelope Canyon

To get to the Canyon, you must go by guided tour – with a Navajo guide.

Its not that long – and if you kept moving, it would probably only take a minute or two to walk along. But it was completely packed, and of course photos every pace, so we went slowly.

Falling sand. By the time we came out, we were totally covered in sand.

After a morning of (more) rocks. We started the long drive back to Las Vegas – completing our loop!

Which involved driving from Arizona, to Utah, to Arizona, to Nevada…


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