Dominica – Soufriere

Finally in Dominica after a several day delay. Every plane was cancelled due to bad weather over the island. Nearly onto a plan-b!

First stop on the island, a jungle walk to the Emerald Pool. And as it was the weekend, lots of locals hang out to jump from rocks into the pool.

It took a few hours to drive to the South of the island, the village of Soufriere, where we were spending the first few days.

A really colourful town, on the beach

This beach wasn’t just a normal beach – its volcanic and hot air still streams up through the sand. You can watch the bubbles! The sand is hot to touch – and if you bury your hand too far, too hot to touch!

Every morning, diving!

And the diving was great! By far the best in the Carribean (that I’ve been so far)

And in the afternoons, exploring!

The first afternoon, we headed up to Scotts Head, a sand bar that leads to a small hill. Amazing views back over the bay

More diving

Another afternoon, we headed up to Soufriere Sulphur Springs national park. Very busy. We were the only ones there. A very confusing place. It was listed on the tourism website – but once we arrived, no sign posts or information at all. We wandered around in the forest until we came across a hot stream of water and some steaming rocks – then headed back before we got too lost!

And another morning of diving, my birthday!


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