Santa Maria, Sal

Cape Verde – a West African island nation, which gained independence from Portugal in 1975, but still has a mixed feel of Europe/Africa.

I was recently reminded of these islands when diving in Costa Rica earlier in the year and someone was wearing a dive T-shirt from one of the islands. So, here we are…

Of course the main reason I came (apart from going everywhere), was to go diving. In particular, for the frog fish. Which are still a firm favourite.

What is particularly exciting is that the same animals are found globally – for example, moral eels and butterfly fish. But the colours and patterns are so unique here. I haven’t seen these particular species before!

It was far too hot to be walking around town. But they even had vegan gelato! (and vegan nothing else – which was to be expected!)

Except the one vegan cafe, which was sadly closed. And just a cute cat there instead

Even better from the sky….

The islands are heavily over-fished. So there were no bigger fish or sharks. But there were a surprising amount of smaller schools, hiding in wrecks and caves

Can you spot it?


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