Back to Bali
Kuta, Indonesia


I was supposed to be in Sri Lanka now.

But Air Asia saw the end to that when they cancelled the route back in February. Thus my ticket was cancelled. That was a shame.

Although they were nice enough to refund it!

Rather annoying as I had already booked my onward flight out of Sri Lanka, to Delhi, which was quite expensive and non refundable.

So, I had some decisions to make.

Getting to Sri Lanka any other way was expensive. 2 weeks and no idea where to go.

I have already been pretty much everywhere that I want to go in South East Asia. Looking on a flight search, flights to Bali were cheap! That will do.

So off I head – some diving with manta rays (hopefully)!

I was in Bali 2 years ago. So this time I am going to some different places. Even before arriving, while looking at hotels online, I am shocked at the increase in prices.

Last time I stayed at a lovely little hotel in Kuta, just off the main ‘poppies’ streets, with a little pool, which was just £10 a night. However now, that same place is £22 a night!


The hostel was empty when we left Melaka at 9.15am. Noone to call a taxi for us. So out for a walk to the main road hoping to flag one down. But nothing!

After 15minutes of no taxis I was starting to get a bit worried! But then in a stroke of luck, one dropped off right infront of us! So off to Melaka Sentral. So thankfully arrived in plenty of time for the 10.30am bus to KL airport.

Despite not driving as far as yesterday, the trip took a lot longer. Over 2 hours. So it was nearly 1pm by the time we reached the airport. Hardly any queues to drop bags, but then long, long immigration queues. You just never know here!

We left on time at 4pm.

Off to Bali! I

was shocked at the non-existent queue for immigration in Bali. At the first desk I paid $25 for a visa. But when it came to the second desk of stamping, the man said my previous visa was still valid.

When I visited in January they didn’t stamp it, or register it on the computer as used. So that was a bit annoying! Didn’t need to have bought a new one then!

The whole process was immensely quick and within 30minutes we had our bags and were driving in a taxi out to Kuta. We’re staying just one night in Kuta and in usual fashion the driver had no clue where to take us, despite showing him the address and a detailed map. He refused to use the phone number I had.

So eventually he dumped us on the road with our large pile of bags and we had to walk the rest of the way. So annoying.

I had made a booking and my name was written on their check in white board. But we were met with the greeting ‘sorry we’re full’. How can you be full when my name is there! After 10 minutes of sitting and waiting, we were upgraded to a lovely brand new room overlooking a Balinese courtyard. By now it was nearly 9pm so we went out for some dinner, but everywhere was a bit expensive. I had some gado gado (Indonesian food – cabbage/spinach/bean sprouts/Tempe with peanut sauce) which was really good. Exhausted. From doing nothing but moving place to place!!


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