Arriving in India

The long journey to India
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Goodbye South East Asia šŸ˜¦ It’s been 16 months! That’s quite a long time. I will miss the chaos, the street stalls, the not understanding much, the good food and the hot weather! I have loved being here. It feels strange leaving. Reality is approaching. But not quite the end of Asia…..I’m off to India! Perhaps the most daunting country I’ve been to. I’ve been warned by everyone who has been just how chaotic and different it is. But I suppose you can’t imagine it until you’ve been there. It seems that news reports on the mistreatment of women are now a weekly occurrence. I had thought about travelling alone, but very quickly decided against it. So for safety (and peace of mind!) I’m joining an organised tour. While I’m not the biggest fan of the idea of a tour after travelling independently for the last year, I don’t really have a lot of choice. Helpfully, someone recently told me:

I – I’ll

N – never

D – do

I – it

A – again

Well that’s a good start. ——– Back to the airport. I left a bit early for the return metro trip to the airport. Collected my luggage and then dropped it all at check in – no queue! Immigration and scanning, again, ridiculously quick. I had a great time in Singapore airport, so many shops! An orchid garden and you can even make a wax rubbing! Of course like a 5 year old, I had a go! We were a bit delayed, but at 2pm off for the return 1 hour trip back up to KL. Back in KL again, so silly. But only 3.5 hours until my onward flight to Delhi. I’m scared now.


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