Munich – Christkindlemarkt

Munich, Germany


After the long day yesterday, we enjoyed a lie in and headed out at 10.30am to explore the city in the daylight.

The tram took us down to Sendlinger Tor.

The edge of the old city – and one of the old gates. And another small Christmas market!

The usual stalls and a very quiet gluwein stall – still too early! We headed back up to the main square, past a few ornate churches, a synagogue and a museum that was in a nice old building. All the shops were shut.

Most of Europe seems to close down on a Sunday!

St Peter’s Church is just off the Marienplatz and it’s possible to climb to the top of the spire, up 306 steps, 92m to the top!

It was rather claustrophobic – people coming down the same way, down the narrow wooden staircases. But the views from the top were nice! All across the city and towards the mountains! The clouds had cleared and nearly a blue sky. Lovely. But it was very squashy at the top!!!

By the time we had headed back down, it was 11.55am and nearly 12pm glockenspiel time!

The glockenspiel of the Neues Rathaus chimes twice per day in the winter, at 11am and 12pm. Just after the 12pm bells had finished, the 43 bells began their tune and the 32 figures began to move and twirl around.

It tells historical stories – where the top half is a knights’ tournament, which was held in 1568 to celebrate the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V. The bottom half shows a Schäfflertanz dance. Something Munich is famous for – beer.


Dotted around the city are various beer halls, including the large Hofbrauhaus which has been open since 1644. Inside was rather elaborate with a painted ceiling and loud Bavarian music playing.

The Residenz is a huge palace, which was home to the Wittelsbach clan, the Bavarian rulers who lived here from 1385 – 1918. Outside the front is a large square, flanked by lion statues.

A small orchestra were playing outside the front, in the freezing cold, complete with a grand piano!

Inside the courtyard was yet another Christmas market! This one again, selling a lot of food. We tried something they were calling a ‘fleck’ – like a pitta bread pizza, tasty. Just outside the courtyard was the Theatinerkirche – a huge, ornate yellow, mustard coloured church. This one was built to commemorate the 1662 birth of Prince Max Emanuel. Topped with two massive twin towers and a large dome.

The hofgarten just behind, a nice garden with a small band stand style building in the middle. Shame all the water fountains have been boarded over for the winter. It was soon time to head back to the airport, back on the metro. One thing I really like looking around – supermarkets. And we haven’t seen a single one yet!! Totally odd. No newsagents, corner shops, nothing.

So the first thing I spotted at the airport – a mini supermarket! Stocked up on lots of chocolate! We were far too early for our flight. But the airport was a tad confusing. Made it around to the area by the gate and had a right faf going through security, it was taking ages. Despite the delays yesterday and earlier in the day, we ended up leaving pretty much on time. Back to London!


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