Saturday 17 November 2018

After another night of sailing, we woke up in Toau. Luckily it was much flatter last night and I managed to sleep.

The diving here was similar. Strong current. Lots of schooling grey reefs. And a baby silver tip!

This afternoon was a bit different. A beach trip.

To paradise.

White. Blue. Palms. So pretty.

Some of the guys collected coconuts, so we had a few. There are a lot of different species here and they all produce different coconuts. Some have thick white coconut meat in them. Others have an oily water inside (which tastes like shampoo). And others have a marshmallow texture inside – which I had never seen before. And again, I really didn’t like the taste of.

One of the local staff also showed us how to weave palm tree leaves! They do a lot of that here. We had a go at making baskets. I wasn’t too good at it.

We spent about 2 hours on the beach before heading back to the boat.

And another sunset dive.


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