Sunday 18 November 2018

Next atoll – Kauehi.

More sharks. Schools of big eye. Currents.

For dinner this evening, we headed onto an island. We arrived just before sunset. And had a barbecue on the beach.

I had spoken to the chef earlier in the day. I was getting bored of eating rice and salad (for some meals they seemed to forget to make a special vegan / vegetarian option). He was Indonesian – so we had a nice Indonesian chat. And that evening we ended up with the most delicious tofu in kecap manis.

One of the staff had managed to find a coconut crab. They are bright blue. And very rare to find. The locals like to eat them. And they are very dangerous. Their claws are incredibly strong. I’ve never seen one before, so that was cool.

The moon was pretty amazing this evening – we were about 2 days away from full moon. And the moon had a halo around it. A glowing ring, surrounding. I’ve never seen that before either! Apparently it’s not normal. It stayed for a few hours. Then left.

The last few nights I’ve been asleep by 8.30pm and had been enjoying early nights. However, I had totally forgotten that I was in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution. And the potential for amazing stars. So went up on the roof boat for a while.


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