Ruins of a Roman city (and the Punic city that was there before the Romans arrived), is scattered across a large area along the coast.

Parts of a Roman Ampitheatre

A Punic town (people before Romans arrived), which was ruined by a Roman war

Elaborate mosaics have been discovered

And more cats

The main part of the site is the Roman baths – they were huge. With water drawn from over 130km away, along aqueducts. Hot rooms. Cold rooms. And much of the underground archways are still standing today

The Roman city relied on their ports – which have today been turned into lakes

And just along from Carthage, the town of Sidi Bou Said. Painted white and blue, which was decided upon in the 1920’s to provide a mediterrean feel to the town and make everything cohesive.

And a bomboloni – a donut!


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